TaskPaper – My Ultimate To Do Application


The TaskPaper main window using the standard theme and custom colours

When it comes to finding a To Do application I get highly specific. Top of my criteria is that there should be a good native app for both OS X and iOS. Next is a I want simple and easy, if it’s complex I just won’t do it. Third is that I’d like a text based save file. Finally I’d like command line tools and in a perfect universe a TextMate bundle for the file format.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Think again, TaskPaper from Hog Bay Software fulfils every requirement, almost. I do have to say that I am still working on getting the command line fu working. AppleScript support is excellent though and I have hopes, I’ve already found an AppleScript that adds tasks using Alfred that works well for me after some hacking to personalise it and make it a little easier to use.

Opening up a new document in TaskPaper will give you a nice welcome text which runs you through some of the most useful features and points you in the direction of more help. Once you’ve seen this text enough you can turn it off in Preferences. If you want a better guide then there is a 20 page PDF accessible via the Help menu.

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