Review: Temple Run 2


20 million downloads in the first weekend, it would seem that Imangi Studios have a hard core hit with Temple Run 2 (TR2), their follow up to the popular Temple Run.

TR2 takes the concept of Temple Run and improves every aspect. The basic concept introduced in the the first game is that you guide a person running down a track, turning corners, jumping over or sliding under obstacles. You steer, jump and slide with a fingertip and bear to the right or left of the track by tilting your phone. Along the way you collect coins and jump to collect powerups.

TR2 adds to the basic concept by improving the graphics enormously, making the straight track curve, rise and fall and adding new features such as rope slides and guiding a mine cart through a mine. Along with collecting coins you can now also collect gems which can be used to resurrect your character.

The original game was extremely playable though not one I played constantly. The new version is even more addictive, it also seems to be more learnable, I have now played hundreds of games and I keep on improving. The improved graphics add a great deal to the better feel of the game.

It’s strange, while a lot has changed in TR2 a lot has stayed the same but in the end Imangi Studios have taken a good game and made it great.

The game is free to install and free to play but you can plonk down hard cash to buy coins and gems if you wish.