Some Notes On Real Racing 3

After a few more days with Real Racing I’ve made a few notes.

Race Types

Autocross is certainly the hardest of the race types – there are a few I’ve come across that seem impossible. I’ve raced in one where I had the best car in the series with all upgrades and my time was over 50 seconds when the time for first was 36 seconds. This is currently my biggest complaint about Real Racing 3.

Drag races are by far the easiest. You don’t have to worry about your steering since the car will always go straight, just concentrate on the tachometer and hit the gear up paddle when it hits the red.

There appears to be a couple of bugs in the endurance races, sometimes I see what looks like a ghost car and sometimes my car suddenly brakes as if it’s avoiding an invisible car. It has to be said that I often get an incredible result in endurance once 2nd was 6.4km and I managed 43.4km.

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Review: Real Racing 3


Real Racing 3
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Since I am in Australia I get to play Real Racing 3 (RR3) before the general release on the 28th.

I enjoy racing games and I am a huge fan of the Real Racing franchise, I enjoyed both 1 and 2 enormously. I was looking forward to RR3 with bated breath.

I have to say at one level it doesn’t disappoint, the graphics, controls damage modelling and the addition of having to service a car make it better than RR2 and there are a wide range of tracks and cars to play. There are 27 different racing series to compete in and each series has three or four different cars that can compete in it. A given car can usually compete in several series and might find itself the best possible car in one series but seriously outgunned in another. The cars range from the old Nissan Silvia S15 all the way through US muscle cars and Italian sports cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador to European exotics such as the Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Huayra. Ferrari didn’t license any of their cars to the game and they and Mercedes and the most obvious holes in the supercar lineup.

The tracks are also varied from the almost impossibly tight and unforgiving Southbank track in Melbourne, Australia to the Indianapolis Speedway and more traditional tracks such as Silverstone or Brands Hatch to the wide open long straights of Hockenheim. Mount Panorama, better known as Bathurst, in Australia is even included. So far I’ve found 9 tracks but some have variations of layout so in total I’ve found 17 layouts.

The game play is good with excellent graphics, sound and realism. I love the way my Dodge gets light and skittish when it’s roaring down a long straight. There are a number of different sorts of race; a traditional motor race with a field of 22 called a Cup race, elimination races with a field of eight where the last car gets eliminated every 20 seconds, drag races comprising three rounds, autocross where you have to post the fastest time for a short stretch of track, speed snap where you have to hit the finish line at the highest possible speed, speed record where you have one lap to attain the highest possible speed, endurance where you have a certain amount of time to gain the longest distance with time bonuses for passing and finishing a lap and head to head where you race against one other car.

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Flow Free


I have to start by saying I am not addicted to this game, definitely not. That I have played 300 levels in the last three days is not addiction, I just like it a lot, really, I swear.

This is a brilliantly simple and compelling puzzle game. You have a grid that can vary from 5 x 5 to 9 x 9 with a number of pairs of coloured dots and you have to find a way to connect each pair of dots without crossing paths and making sure you cover the entire board.

I love that playing a level is, if your brain is going well, a task of moments. It is also something that certainly seems to come easier with practice. You can, if you are really stuck, have a hint but be careful as after a few free ones hints will start to cost you money.

If you don’t buy hints then the game is free to install and free to play so if you enjoy a good puzzle then this is one I recommend.

Flow Free on iTunes – it is also available in the Google Play store for Android.