Finding A Regular Expression Tool

Once again this year I will be teaching a “bash Beginners” workshop at the AUC’s World conference.

I’ve started re-working and improving the workshop and I’ve decided to spend at least some time on regular expressions in sed and awk as they are so often the hard bits of shell programming. Sorry about that cough, must have been some terrible syntax caught in my throat.

Do you know how hard it is to find a good regular expression experiment and demonstration tool that is compatible with those venerable tools? Well nigh impossible. Perl, Ruby and cough PHP compatible you can find but not for those two.

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Containers Rock! Why I’m A Docker Fan

Docker for the Macintosh has recently emerged from beta and I’m ecstatic.

Docker implements a way of walling off a piece of software from the underlying operating system using a tech they call “containers”.

This is an absolute godsend for deploying services. One of the problems in system administration is the cost and complexity of spinning up a new service and then removing it from a computer once it is no longer required.

Software when it is installed and run can spray pieces of itself all over the computer’s file system and getting it out again is difficult.

Previously we have used virtual machines to isolate this problem. That has it’s own costs, a virtual machine means you are running (at least) two complete operating systems on the hardware. It also has a cost in memory and hard disk space.

Containers lower the cost considerably. They have all the advantages of virtual machines but share the operating system kernel with each other and the underlying OS. This makes them smaller and consuming considerably less resources than virtual machines. This also makes them quicker to download and deploy.

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