Scriptorium – a better way for Jamf Pro scripts

A little while ago I became extremely annoyed by a bunch of scripts in my Jamf Pro instance that weren’t properly named and didn’t have proper author comments.

What’s an easy way to rename a dozen scripts and edit twenty? There really isn’t one so instead of doing it by hand I decided I wanted a software system that made it easy. Yes, I know, spending a chunk of your spare time writing 750 lines of Python (it was actually 950 till I did some serious refactoring) rather than a day doing it manually might seem a little, well, silly. I know, I have a problem, I’m working on it.

Scriptorium is the result. A Python script that uses a combination of two directories and two git repositories to provide versioning, tracking, and backup while adding an easier to use interface for editing the scripts.

I’d never built a script with an extensive command line interface. Python’s argparse library makes it incredibly easy. Not only does it allow you to quickly put together the commands and options in the process it builds your help system and quickly structures your code with each command requiring it’s own function.

As Scriptorium leverages git adding a git module to zsh and the git lens extension to Visual Studio Code adds even further benefits.

I’ve tried to make the README file as comprehensive as possible so go give that a read and grab a copy on Github

You might also find me speaking about it at JNUC2021.

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