Another PatchBot update

Since the last time I wrote about PatchBot I’ve made a few improvements to the Production processor.

  • Moved decision logic from into the processor.
  • Added the recipe variable delta to specify days between test and production.
  • Added the recipe variable deadline to set the Self Service deadline.
  • Added defaults for delta and deadline to the top of to ease customization

Both the recipe variables are optional. It’s now possible to use the -k option of Autopkg to quickly move a package from test into production with a short Self Service deadline if you need to:

autopkg run -k "delta=-1" -k "deadline=2"

The above will immediately move the Firefox package into the production patches and set a deadline of two days. We set a delta of -1 because the system used for command line arguments doesn’t allow us to tell the zero we get when there was no command line argument and the zero we get when we set it as the variable value. A value of -1 has the same effect as zero. If the difference between the date the package was put into test and today is zero then a difference greater than or equal to zero, and greater than or equal to -1, are both true.

I’ve also added a tool to the #patchbot channel in the MacAdmins Slack that posts to the channel whenever I push new code to the GitHub repository.

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