Solving a Difficult Package

Sometimes the various parts of the world that should agree don’t. This is far too common when attempting to build a total solution for packaging and patch.

Let me show you an example, and my brute force solution.

Rich Trouton has written an excellent set of recipes to download and package the panoply of products from Microsoft. They all work well for me, particularly when I use the PkgCopier and FileDelete processors to put an - between the application name and version instead of the _ Rich insists on using.

With one minor problem, Microsoft Teams. Rich’s recipe insists that the latest version is 1.00.324758 while the Kinobi version number looks like Now you can easily see there is a relationship between them, but they aren’t the same.

If you go and have a look in Microsoft you can see where Rich gets his version number, it’s right there in CFBundleString.

How about we throw another spanner in the works that may well explain why Kinobi uses the version number it does. Rich’s Microsoft recipes all hit an endpoint at that only varies with the product ID of each MS product. For almost every MS product this is the latest version.

Not Microsoft Teams. It is entirely possible that Teams will update itself on a Mac to a newer version than available at that link. (Have you noticed that Teams uses a different update method than Microsoft AutoUpdate? Visual Studio Code seems to use a third method.)

It’s also possible to go the Teams download page and get the same, newer version.

It is discoveries like this that keep the bourbon distillers busy.

There is some hope, it turns out that the download page hits a link we can work out. '{}/Teams_osx.pkg' is the URL after you replace {} with tbe Kinobi style version number and we can ask Jamf Patch Management for that number.

So what we need is a tool that looks at that number, downloads the package and then proceeds to add it to Jamf, just as if it was coming from JPCImporter, my AutoPkg processor.

That’s a big hint how I solved the problem. I made a copy of JPCImporter and started hacking away. In short order I had which can be run from the command line to download the latest version of Teams and upload it to Jamf so that the rest of the PatchBot patch management system can take over.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
#pylint: disable=invalid-name, attribute-defined-outside-init
#pylint: disable=too-many-statements, too-many-locals
""" v2.0
Tony Williams 2020-10-12

This is built to handle MS Teams

from os import path
import subprocess
import plistlib
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import datetime
import logging
import logging.handlers
from time import sleep
from urllib.request import urlretrieve
import requests

LOGFILE = '/usr/local/var/log/MSTeams.log'
# ID of Teams in patchsoftwaretitles in Jamf server - note it's a string to save
# a conversion call when we use it
PATCHID = '48'

__all__ = [APPNAME]

#pylint: disable=unnecessary-pass
class TeamsError(Exception):
    """ An Error """

class MSTeams():
    """Checks to see if a new version of MS Teams exists and then downloads it if it does

    description = __doc__

    def load_prefs(self):
        """ load the preferences from file """
        plist = path.expanduser("~/Library/Preferences/JPCImporter.plist")
        prefs = plistlib.load(open(plist, "rb"))
        self.url = prefs["url"]
        self.auth = (prefs["user"], prefs["password"])
        self.base = self.url + '/JSSResource'

    def setup_logging(self):
        """Defines a nicely formatted logger"""
        self.logger = logging.getLogger(APPNAME)
        handler = logging.handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler(
            LOGFILE, when="D", interval=1, backupCount=7
                "%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s",
                datefmt="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",

    def latest(self):
        """Find out the latest version"""
        url = self.base + '/patchsoftwaretitles/id/' + PATCHID
        self.logger.debug("About to request %s", url)
        ret = requests.get(url, auth=self.auth)
        if ret.status_code != 200:
            raise TeamsError(
                "Patch title download failed: {} : {}".format(
                    ret.status_code, url))
        patch = ET.fromstring(ret.text)
        first = patch.findall('versions/version')[0]
        version = first.findtext('software_version')
        self.logger.debug("Got version %s", version)
        return version

    def check(self, version):
        """Check if a version is already uploaded"""
        url = self.base + '/packages/name/Microsoft_Teams-{}.pkg'.format(version)
        self.logger.debug("About to request %s", url)
        ret = requests.get(url, auth=self.auth)
        if ret.status_code == 200:
            self.logger.warning("Found package")
            return True
        return False

    def download(self, version):
        """downloads a version of Teams given the version string"""
        url = '{}/Teams_osx.pkg'.format(version)
        self.logger.debug("About to download %s", url)
        dst = path.expanduser('~/Documents/') + 'Microsoft_Teams-{}.pkg'.format(version)
        # the below is going to take *some time*
        urlretrieve(url, dst)
        return dst

    def upload(self, pkg_path):
        """Upload the package `pkg_path` and returns the ID returned by JPC"""
        # pkg_path = 'Microsoft_Teams-{}.pkg'.format(version)
        self.logger.warning("Starting upload %s", pkg_path)
        pkg = path.basename(pkg_path)
        app = pkg.split('-')[0]
        category = 'Microsoft'
        date ='%d-%b-%G')
        # use curl for the file upload as it seems to work nicer than requests
        # for this ridiculous workaround for file uploads.
        url = self.url + '/dbfileupload'
        auth = self.auth[0] + ":" + self.auth[1]
        command = ["curl", "-u", auth, '-s']
        command += ['-X', 'POST', url]
        command += ['--header', 'DESTINATION: 0']
        command += ['--header', 'OBJECT_ID: -1']
        command += ['--header', 'FILE_TYPE: 0']
        command += ['--header', 'FILE_NAME: {}'.format(pkg)]
        command += ['--upload-file', pkg_path]
        self.logger.debug("curl %s", command)
        ret = subprocess.check_output(command)
        self.logger.debug("Curl returned %s", ret)
        packid = ET.fromstring(ret).findtext('id')
        if packid == '':
            raise TeamsError(
                "curl failed for url :{}".format(url))
        self.logger.debug("Uploaded and got ID: %s", packid)
        data = "<package><id>{}</id>".format(packid)
        data += "<category>{}</category>".format(category)
        data += "<notes>Built by Autopkg. "
        data += "Uploaded {}</notes></package>".format(date)
        # we use requests for all the other API calls as it codes nicer
        # update the package details
        hdrs = {
            'Accept': 'application/xml',
            'Content-type': 'application/xml',
        url = self.base + '/packages/id/{}'.format(packid)
        # we set up some retries as sometimes the server takes a minute to
        # settle with a new package upload (Can we have an API that allows
        # for an upload and setting this all in one go.)
        count = 0
        while True:
            count += 1
            ret = requests.put(url, auth=self.auth, headers=hdrs, data=data)
            self.logger.debug("package update attempt %s", count)
            self.logger.debug("Return: %s URL: %s", ret.status_code, url)
            if ret.status_code == 201:
            if count > 10:
                raise TeamsError(
                    "Package update failed with code: %s" %
        policy_name = 'TEST-{}'.format(app)
        url = self.base + '/policies/name/{}'.format(policy_name)
        ret = requests.get(url, auth=self.auth)
        if ret.status_code != 200:
            raise TeamsError(
                "Policy %s get failed: %s" % (
                    url, ret.status_code))
        self.logger.debug("policy found")
        root = ET.fromstring(ret.text)
            ).text = str(packid)
        root.find('general/enabled').text = 'true'
            'package_configuration/packages/package/name').text = pkg
        idn = root.findtext('general/id')
        url = self.base + '/policies/id/{}'.format(idn)
        data = ET.tostring(root)
        self.logger.debug("About to put %s", url)
        ret = requests.put(url, auth=self.auth, data=data)
        if ret.status_code != 201:
            raise TeamsError(
                "Policy %s update failed: %s" % (
                    url, ret.status_code))
        pol_id = ET.fromstring(ret.text).findtext('id')
        self.logger.debug("got pol id: %s", pol_id)"Done Package: %s Pol: %s", pkg, pol_id)
        return pol_id

    def MSTeams(self):
        """The process"""
        self.load_prefs()"Starting run")
        version = self.latest()
        if not self.check(version):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    MSTeams = MSTeams()

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