PatchBot Update

So the inevitable happened after I published my blog posts about PatchBot. I found some small bugs, now fixed.

But also inevitable was somebody telling me there was a better way to do something.

It turns out that since JPCImporter only needs the pkg_path variable it can be used as a post processor when calling the package build recipe. That means you don’t need to alter the .pkg recipe override at all. That’s a whole bunch of recipes we can just forget about. Thanks to Graham Pugh for the tip.

The first AutoPkg call needs to be changed:

# run the package build
/usr/local/bin/autopkg run --recipe-list=/Users/"$(whoami)"/Documents/PatchBotTools/packages.txt \
    --post com.honestpuck.PatchBot/JPCImporter \
    --report-plist=/Users/"$(whoami)"/Documents/JPCImporter.plist \

There were also some bug fixes to and

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