Conda, Python 3 and Jupyter

So it seems Dr Drang has similar New Year’s Resolutions to me. He is shifting the way he codes and uses Python.

I’ve been using the Anaconda install of Python and IPython (now part of Jupyter) for quite a while but certainly wanted to move to using conda instead of pip and virtualenv to handle module installs and environments.

So I have now converted entirely to conda but the move to Python 3 is harder. I have a Python 3 environment installed on my Mac and do try and use it. The lack of PyObjC in Python 3 does slow me down in having it as the default however. Conda handles the combination of modules and virtual environment much better than the usual tools.

Using Jupyter notebooks instead of the IPython console is harder still. I tend to do my Python development as a real hack and the IPython console seems easier than the semi-permanence of cells in a Jupyter notebook. A notebook is a nice way of documenting and coding side by side. It’s growing on me as a way to work on my Python scripts.

If you do any serious work in Python then let me recommend Anaconda and Jupyter.



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