IPython Install Made Easy for Macintosh

Great news for those that want to run IPython on any platform. Continuum Analytics offers a marvellous tool (for free) called Anaconda that will install Python and iPython in one swift step.

Not only can you install all the requirements in one swift step but you can even install them in your home folder if you don’t have administrator access to your Mac.

The icing on the cake is that Anaconda also takes over the task of virtualenv, allowing you to build specific environments with different sets of libraries or a different version of Python. They even offer a package install tool and package repository, all checked to see they work properly with the current version of Anaconda.

Anaconda installs a huge list of packages along with Python and IPython, if you want to install just a few packages they offer a tool, miniconda, that installs only the tools and Python so you can pick and choose what else gets installed.

This is a highly recommended set of tools for Python and IPython development. They even have installs for Windows and one for Linux that packs the installer in a bash script so it can be installed anywhere (once again you can easily install it in your home directory.)


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