Some Notes On Real Racing 3

After a few more days with Real Racing I’ve made a few notes.

Race Types

Autocross is certainly the hardest of the race types – there are a few I’ve come across that seem impossible. I’ve raced in one where I had the best car in the series with all upgrades and my time was over 50 seconds when the time for first was 36 seconds. This is currently my biggest complaint about Real Racing 3.

Drag races are by far the easiest. You don’t have to worry about your steering since the car will always go straight, just concentrate on the tachometer and hit the gear up paddle when it hits the red.

There appears to be a couple of bugs in the endurance races, sometimes I see what looks like a ghost car and sometimes my car suddenly brakes as if it’s avoiding an invisible car. It has to be said that I often get an incredible result in endurance once 2nd was 6.4km and I managed 43.4km.

General Notes

One tip that might seem a little obvious; you won’t sustain damage in drag races, autocross or the two speed events while cup races (with a field of 22) are almost impossible without getting a fair amount of damage so given a choice race in the no impact race styles first. Endurance and Elimination style races are low impact and you can often race them with little or no car damage though Endurance races can be long enough that you may need to service your car (which can easily take longer than damage repair).

You will discover that upgrades take longer and longer at each upgrade level. The highest engine, drivetrain and brake upgrades for each car will cost you coins instead of cash.

Car servicing takes considerably longer than smash repairs, up to several hours.

My favourite course is Mount Panorama, and not only because it is close to where I live in Sydney. I love running up Mountain Straight and the three parks then through the tight corners of the Esses the Big Dipper before that last turn at Forwst Elbow before going flat chat down the hill again on Conrod Straight (where they added the Chase just to slow down the cars on the Straight for safety reasons).

My least favourite is Southbank, running in a Cup race in Southbank can be incredibly hard and you will sustain a lot of car damage. The race result can be a luck of the draw how you get through the first two corners and getting around the cars in front of you will take a bit of shove.

A couple of complaints about the game. First, I’d like to have some sort of qualification for Cup races – passing 21 other cars can be a nightmare. Second, it would be nice in the race results to know what car the other drivers have. You get a name, an icon and their time but no detail on what they are driving at all.

Car Damage

You will certainly sustain car damage often, particularly in Cup races with 21 other cars in front of you. I’ve discovered 24 different sorts of car damage though I have to say I’ve never had more than 12 at a time.

  • Radiator Leak
  • Water Pump Leak
  • Spark Plug Damage
  • Gearbox Damage
  • Taillight Damage
  • Headlight Damage
  • Rear Windshield Damage
  • Front Windshield Damage
  • Hood Damage
  • Mirror Damage
  • Rear Bumper Damage
  • Front Bumper Damage
  • Axle Damage
  • Flywheel Damage
  • Muffler Damage
  • Rear Damage
  • Wheel Damage
  • Right Door Damage
  • Left Door Damage
  • Coolant Leak
  • Brake Disc Cracked
  • Exhaust Manifold Damage
  • Differential Damage
  • Air Filter Blocked

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