New Version of Reminders Workflow for Alfred v2

Alfred (software)

So after creating my first workflow I just couldn’t let it stand.

The first one was a simple hack of my existing Reminders AppleScript but I realised that if you wanted to add something to Reminders you might want to add something without a due date and you might want to add it to any of the lists. So I did a better version.

Here it is. The workflow, which can be found here, accepts the time in a large range of ways including 24 hour time, the date can use either a ‘-‘ or a ‘/‘ as separator, the time and date can be in either order and if you leave either out then a reasonable default is inserted. Here’s some examples to show you what I mean.

  • “Remind me @due 29/1/2013 4:00PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4:00PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4pm”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4am”
  • “Remind me @due 4am 29–1–2013”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 16″
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4″ # 4 AM
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4:15″ # 4:15 AM
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013″ # script sets to 9:00 AM
  • “Remind me @due 10:00PM” # script sets to today

The default time, 9AM currently, can be changed at the top of the script for those that like their reminders earlier in the day.

You can also add a reminder to any list by putting “# List Name” at the end and you don’t even need the “@due” if you don’t want to like this:

  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4PM # Work” # Adds to list “Work”
  • “Remind me” # Adds to default list (Reminders) with no due date
  • “Sugar # Shopping” # Adds “Sugar” to the list “Shopping”

If the Reminder list you specify doesn’t exist it will be created. The default list is set at the top of the script.

One personal quirk, I have no need for confirmation that the task is done so the AppleScript does not make sure Reminders is running. This means that it will just silently add the reminder. If you have less trust than me then give me a holler and I’ll think about doing some sort of confirmation.


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