TaskPaper To Reminders AppleScript Version Two


The first version of my TaskPaper to Reminders script was more than a little fussy about the format of the task. Frankly it just took too much brain power to get it right all the time so I’ve rewritten the script.

At this point just allow me to let out my usual primal scream required after a few hours of working with AppleScript. It is so awful to work in, if it wasn’t so damn useful I’d never use it. The new version took me four hours for about 80 lines of code!

So now the script, which can be found here, accepts the time in a much larger range of ways including 24 hour time, the date can use either a ‘-‘ or a ‘/‘ as separator, the time and date can be in either order and if you leave either out then a reasonable default is inserted. Here’s some examples to show you what I mean.

  • “Remind me @due 29/1/2013 4:00PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4:00PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4PM”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4pm”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4am”
  • “Remind me @due 4am 29–1–2013”
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 16″
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4″ # 4 AM
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013 4:15″ # 4:15 AM
  • “Remind me @due 29–1–2013″ # script sets to 9:00 AM
  • “Remind me @due 10:00PM” # script sets to today

The default time, 9AM currently, can be changed at the top of the script for those that like their reminders earlier in the day. I’d love to hear of anyone using it, I’d even appreciate a bug report.

Download the script and put it in your Scripts folder. Now place the cursor on a TaskPaper task and select the script in your Scripts menu.

10 thoughts on “TaskPaper To Reminders AppleScript Version Two

    • Hard to know what might be going wrong. Make sure you have the cursor on the right line in TaskPaper and it should be good. You might also try it with Reminders running as the front app and see if that fixes it but it works either way on my Mac.

  1. I know this is almost 3 years later but I’ve discovered Taskpaper late. I was wondering, can the script be easily updated to also parse times like ‘3p’ or ‘3:30p’ or ‘3:30a’? E.g. 3:00 PM, 3:30 PM and 3:30 AM. I’m accustomed to writing times like this as I discovered early on that Google Calendar accepted it, and it’s one less letter to type.

    At any rate, thank you for the script!

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