Link Creator Service For MarkDown

Automator (software)

I was getting tired of the effort of creating MarkDown format hyperlinks in Byword. I knew that one of Brett Terpstra’s MarkDown Service Tools would do the job but his was compiled as an application and I hate not having source (though he does have a number in there uncompiled that are worth looking at) and it was a nice exercise.

Creating my own from scratch was pretty easy using Automator. I offer it here as an uncompiled workflow containing a nugget of AppleScript so you can both install it and hack on it. I used the Keyboard System Preferences to set the shortcut to Shift-Command-U and it’s great. Load the clipboard with the URL, go to Byword, select the text you want as the link and hit Shift-Command-U. Take the file and drop it in ~/Library/Services and you are good to go.


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