Installing The New Phone

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So what do you do when you get that new phone? Here’s what I did. I was replacing a broken phone so your mileage may vary.

First thing to do was to set up a couple of accounts starting with iCloud, Gmail and Gmail CardDAV. You have to be a little careful at this point to make sure you are syncing only one of each type of account, for example you only want to sync your mail with Gmail and not iCloud.

Then start in on Settings. Connect to my home WiFi, connect to the Bluetooth in my car and go down the settings one by one till you get to “iTunes & App Store”.

Now is the time to check that you don’t need to update the operating system. One of the strange choices Apple has made is that if you update the OS over WiFi it only downloads the parts of the OS that have changed while if you do it via iTunes it will download the entire OS. This means that almost always it’s faster to do it over WiFi. Go into Settings/General and tap on “Software Update”.

Now it’s time to connect to the computer and fire up iTunes. Under the “Summary” tab give your iPhone a name and set the sync settings from the default to how you want them. Personally I turn off “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected”, turn on WiFi sync, sync only checked songs and prefer standard definition videos.

Then under the Apps tab choose the apps you want to install and get them organised, it’s much quicker to do this on your computer than on the phone. By putting a lot of apps into folders I manage to get my apps down to two screens. In case you’re wondering my folders are “Apple” (for all those permanent apps I don’t use), “Utilities”, “Books and News”, “Text and Notes”, “Social” (for such things as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare), “Games” and “Racing Games”.

Now go through and choose the ringtones, music, movies etc. that you want to transfer across. One note of caution, when you are looking at the gauge at the bottom showing how much of your phone will be filled take care to leave a fair amount of blank space, applications like Evernote and Dropbox will want a lot of space for caching files etc.

When you’ve done all that click on the “Done” button at bottom right and be prepared for a wait. Really, now is the time to go out for lunch, it could be an hour or two.

Once that’s finished I go back in to settings and set all the preferences for all the other apps starting at “iTunes & App Stores” and working through the list.

Now to get all those apps connected to your various accounts. I start with Game Center, Facebook and Dropbox since those three provide glue for so many others. After that I just run each app and login if required and open the settings for those that don’t have their settings in Settings to get them connected to other apps or the cloud as the case may be. The process is faster than you might think.

Having done all that my phone is now set up.


One thought on “Installing The New Phone

  1. I’m not sure whether I should be envious or thankful that I don’t have an iPhone. Of course if I did I would immediately check out your blog. You are not only informative but also don’t make it too hard on beginners.

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