iPhone 5 first impressions

I’m the proud owner of a new iPhone 5, a slightly late Xmas present courtesy of my phone insurance to replace my broken iPhone 4S. I know I’m coming late to the party but I thought I’d jot down some thoughts after the first day.

The first thing that struck me is this phone is light. It feels much nicer in the hand than the 4S, it seems a shame to put a case on it. If I wasn’t such a clumsy klutz I’d leave it off. The second thing I noticed is that the screen is sharp and those few extra pixels of height make a lot of difference.

Then we get to the new Lightning connector. Another win in my opinion. OK, it’s inconvenient that my iPad and my phone now use different connectors and it’s a hassle that I need adapters for the charger in my car and elsewhere. The new connector is just so much better than the old one that I’m prepared to cope with those minor niggles. The connector is much more solid, connects more solidly and going in both ways up is a major win. The only other hassle is that if you use the Apple 30 pin to Lightning adaptor you will almost certainly find your phone case gets in the way. I’m using a mix of new cables, the adapter and the adapter cable. I bought an extra one of each.

Then final win is speed. First, communication speed. 4G seems much, much faster than 3G, a couple of the things I’ve tried since getting the phone I would have been reluctant to do on the slower network but were fast enough on 4G.

The phone itself also feels faster, the interface is snappier and apps seem to load faster. The one I really noticed was Evernote which opened and indexed some new notes as fast as it does on the Mac.

Short summary — I’m in love. I’m certain I wouldn’t have paid to upgrade from my iPhone4S but I’m more than happy that I now have an iPhone 5 for about $200 (that includes the insurance excess, a new case and the adapters).


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