I enjoy papercraft. I find a great deal of satisfaction in printing out a template and cutting and folding it to create something. My major output has been a bunch of things for Christmas including some cubees, a couple of Christmas trees and a Christmas house.

So the concept of an iPad app that would allow me to customise a number of templates before the printing and assembling was exciting.

Foldify delivers and delivers well.

The idea of Foldify is that you take one of their templates and you customise it by colouring it in using a pen or paintbrush tool and adding “stamps” which can be resized and turned to fit where you wish on the template. You can zoom in to your artwork for fine detail or zoom back out for an overall view. At the left of the screen is a preview of your assembled papercraft that can be rotated.

Having done that you can then print the creation before folding it to make a small cardboard figure. If your printer does not have AirPrint so you can print it directly you can email your creation to yourself or anyone else. Foldify also allows you to share your creation on Facebook (as a picture) or in their online community. The online community allows you to download other people’s models and upload your own for others. There are already a fair number to be seen.

If you want more stamps for your creations you can purchase more. At the moment they are offering a Christmas pack free if you post to Facebook or Twitter and four others at 99 cents each with from 18 to 47 stamps in each pack.

It is a marvellous idea and a lot fun to customise your model, print it then assemble. There are some flaws.

First, the stock templates are few and simple though the ones they do have are quite useful. I imagine that free and purchasable stamp packs are in the future for this app.

The second flaw is the paucity of editing tools when customising your template. The most pressing is the lack of a copy command. Once you have a stamp of, for example, a tire on your car at just the right size there is no way to duplicate it so it is fiddly to get four exactly the same size.

There is only a paint tool, pen tool and eraser. On top of that you do seem to have unlimited undo and you can zoom in incredibly close for fine detail.

Given this you find yourself using basic painting and then applying stamps on top. For truly artistic output you will need artistic talent. That said there are a number of useful stamps included and the facility to buy more inexpensively.

Finally, there are a couple of areas that feel a fraction unfinished. The preview, for example, does not allow zoom or rotating around more than one axis. This means with some models you can’t get the entire model in the preview. This also affects the picture you email or post since this is taken from the preview.

My final request, I’d love to be able to import something from my photos. This seems an obvious addition so I can only hope it’s coming.

If you like papercraft or have a child that does then this app is well worth the $1.99 introductory price, full price will be $3.99.

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