TaskPaper for iOS

TaskPaper on the iPad

TaskPaper on the iPad

In a previous post I waxed lyrical about my current affection for TaskPaper on the Mac. Today I’d like to write about TaskPaper for iOS.

On the Macintosh TaskPaper excels because of it’s simplicity and use of text. On an iPhone or iPad interface is king, applications live or die by their ease of use.

The same care that was put in to the simple interface on the Mac has been put in to creating an app for the iPhone and iPad that is clean and incredibly easy to use.

There is one difference between the app on the iPhone and the iPad. On the phone the app opens to a screen listing your TaskPaper lists and selecting one takes you to a second screen with your list, on the iPad the document list is on the left of the screen and the selected list is on the right.

The list screen allows you to add a new list, a new folder for lists, search your lists and a settings screen. The setting are not dissimilar to the settings in the Mac application. On iOS it supports both Dropbox and TextExpander and it is in settings that you turn them on.

Then we get to the list view. Touch support is good. Swipe left to right to mark an item as done, swipe right to left to bring up the “Cut Copy Paste Delete” tab. Tap once to select an item, double tap to edit it, tap and hold to move an item up and down it’s list.

When you are editing an item type return to start a new item. A neat trick on an empty item type return again and the new item turns into a new note, again and it is a new project, again and it is back to a new item.

TaskPaper on the iPhone. It is focussed down on one project, notice the dot in the magnifying glass icon.

TaskPaper on the iPhone. It is focussed down on one project, notice the dot in the magnifying glass icon.

There are also number of useful pop up menus at the bottom of the list. The first allows you to focus on a project, the second searches for a tag, the third brings up search and the fourth is a utility menu for such things as printing your list and operations on a selected item such as adding a tag, moving it or cut, copy, paste and delete.

The search is as powerful as the Mac app with a full plain language boolean query syntax. With a little use and practice it becomes incredibly easy to use.

It should be said that there are To Do apps for iOS with similar functionality for less than $10 but none that offer easy syncing with an excellent Mac app. If you pick up both then the pair of them are worth every cent.


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