Bynkii on a post XServe world

So we are now into February and as a result you can no longer buy an XServe from Apple.

All us Server addicts had a momentary pang of hope when Active told us they were announcing a new product – after all one of those guys designed the first XServe. They gave good news for theXSan people – a replacement to an XServe as a controller, but no Mac OS on it.

Is this going to be a problem?

John C. Welch (known as bynkii on his blog.) sums it up for me perfectly here.

To be truthful, if the Mini had two NICs then I’d never have bought an XServe. The last time I bought two I’d have preferred buying eight Mini Servers and a really smart switch – the problem would have been convincing the powers that be to let the little beasts into their data room. This may well be the middle ground for Apple. Give us a slightly better Mini.


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