Oh no, Apple's grabbed my TV

On Friday a colleague returned after lunch with an Apple TV – a local electrical retailer was selling them for half price.

Well considering that it’s running OS X under all that GUI goodness it was too hard to resist. I went and bought one for myself with a HDMI cable so I could hook it up to my HD TV.

Oh joy, oh rapture. The quality of the picture and the ease of use are phenomenal. My one complaint is that there is no fast forward or reverse using the Apple remote. I may have to see abou hacking the software to fix that. I’ve also discovered instructions for replacing the hard drive with a larger one though the current 40GB drive would seem to be fine at the moment – I have a lot of music and photos on there along with a dozen music clips and five movies without even half filling it.

My one problem is that I am quickly running out of HD inputs on the TV. When I get a Blu-Ray player (I’m thinking a Playstation 3 for Xmas if Santa is kind) I’ll have to get a switch box I fear.


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