Imaging a Macintosh for dual boot

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on ways of imaging a Mac so it has both OS X and Windows XP installed and ready to boot. Yes, I know there are easy ways, but I wanted a good one that left all the hard work to other people and software.

Let me define the problem a little better. I have labs containing Macs that have to end up as dual boot. The Mac OS X image is no real problem, it installs using NetBoot and NetRestore.

On the Windows side I want to use exactly the same image as the Windows PCs in the labs. This is stored on an Altiris server and deployed to the Dell PCs using PXE. I also didn’t want to have to do anything to that image every time it changed. I wanted it straight off the same server as the PCs.

I’ve written some notes on how I did it and shoved them in my new Google Site. Google Sites isn’t as pretty as Blogger but is much more handy for long articles and a complex site architecture. I’ll be putting more things on it soon.


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