Fun with Leopard

So Leopard testing started in earnest and ground to a halt on day one here at Newcastle Uni.

802.11x authentication is incredibly flaky and we use it for our wireless net – the only way to I’ve found to get it to work means System Preferences hangs and has to be force quitted (should that be “forced quit”, perhaps). At that point it’s all good but I can hardly advise that in a set up document for staff and students. Of course we had a student wanting to connect his laptop on the Monday after Leopard came out – and on the first day of study vacation. Well, nobody ever said University students had common sense.

As for application testing I’ve only found a couple of applications with problems – Vectorworks being the major one but we don’t have too many users of that. All the usual suspects seem to run fine.

We’ll have to upgrade at least one of our Mac servers and attach it to some large storage so we can offer Time Machine but I’ve had a look and you can quickly get Time Machine to just back up the sensible stuff, ignoring most of the system (it requires adding two exclusions.) Once that’s done it becomes an incredibly usable tool for the end user.

There are some other neat little interface things going on with servers. Now there is a “Shared” list in the Finder window pane and clicking on it reveals all volumes you have access to on the server and tells you who you are logged in as.

As for the things I dislike, well the Ars Technica review sums up all the interface gotchas. The back end is real nice without anything to hate and I love the new version of Terminal, Spaces and almost love Stacks (why can’t the special folder icons stay in place?)

More soon.


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