Wii going well

I thought it might be a good time to update my readers on how the Wii I mentioned was going.

The biggest problem I have is finding good games, though I have more than enough to keep me playing. I haven’t found a store with a Wii on display to show the games so I have to rely on online reviews and the store staff. Luckily that’s been good enough so far.

the positive side I went out and got a second controller and Jessi and I have been exploring the two player game space. Our favourites at the moment are tennis against each other or co-operatively against the computer.

The newest game we have is “Excite Truck”, which both Jessi and I enjoy. Give me another week and we’ll see if it lasts but at the moment it seems to be the car game we were looking for. Both Jessi and I enjoy a car game that does not have too realistic a physics engine and is a little forgiving of crashes and bad driving. On the Playstation we both liked the early “Need For Speed” games for that reason.

At the moment I’m stuck in the gold level but my driving is slowly improving so I have hope of eventually progressing. It’s fun enough that I don’t mind being stuck on one level. I get to try each race track in a half dozen alternate cars and find the best for each track, improve my driving and learn the course and enjoy the slow improvement. The control system is neat, you tilt the controller side to side to turn the truck and when it is flying through the air you can twist towards or away from yourself to angle the truck and fly further or drop faster – if you land on all four wheels at once you get a “nice landing” from the game and a turbo boost.

I’ve also spent some time playing tenpin bowling and have just started to work on the wrist twist required to curve the ball one way or the other – the motion sensitive controller amazes me, it makes game playing tremendous.

So to conclude, the Wii is going well, there is enough game play in just a couple of games to keep me happy and the controller technology is fantastic.


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