A MacBook arrives

So a new joy has entered my life. A black MacBook. 2ghz Core Duo with 2Gb of RAM and a 120Mb HD with a 13″ screen.

The out of box experience Apple provides is still great. I love unpacking Apple products.

The first thing I have to say is that I love two fingered scrolling and the two finger click as an alternative to the right button. On a laptop they are so convenient.

The weight is good and the battery life is acceptable at around three and a half hours. The extra speed is a godsend. The little magnetic connector for power is neat, a couple of times it’s stopped me pulling the new machine off a coffee table and still having the little LED to indicate power and charge state is nice.

The display is nice, better than the VAIO though I think I prefer the matte finish on the old PowerBook, when Jessi is down I’ll do a comparison. The display is Ok to use in a shaded spot outside if I crank up the brightness a little.

I really load up on software so I like having the 120 Gb drive. At the moment I’ve got all the development tools and then added Apache 2.0, PHP 5, Ruby and Rails. On the application front I’m using Firefox, TextMate, QuickSilver and NeoOffice for most of my stuff with a few others being used occasionally. I’ve also shoved on Fink and used it to install a couple of extra command line tools, most notably imagemagick and wget. By the time I added all that and some music I had more than half filled the drive.

The only caveat is that I’ve had some problems with wireless on this box. I’m not sure if it’s Telstra’s lousy network or mine that’s causing the hiccups. More investigation required, I think.


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