xFruits – a useful "mashup" tool

xFruits is a nice new web service for dealing withe RSS feeds. Basically they offer a range of ways of creating and warping RSS feeds.

As someone who loves RSS I was incredibly excited by both the concept and the implementation. RSS is probably one of the best ways of distributing and devouring news – my current list of feeds runs to about 30 that can be quickly checked each day. They include friends websites, friends Flickr uploads, tech news, book reviews, political commentary and even some news.

xFruit takes the concept of RSS and allows you to do any number of things to the feeds. You can combine a bunch, send email and have it turned into a feed, turn them into a PDF, a web page or an email and that’s only a partial list. It even allows the output of one transformation to become the input of another.

Given those facilities I immediately started to dream up ways of using the tools. You can turn your email newsletter into a web page or RSS feed. You could turn your blog into a newsletter (yes, it’s on my list of things to do) or easily create a web page, RSS feed or email newsletter that can be contributed to by a whole group.

So if you want to create or consume a tailored information flow I recommend you give xFruits a look.


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