Remembering the milk

I’m a fairly disorganized person. I need to keep a close rein on the chaos. I’ve tried any number of methods for looking out for the tasks and appointments I have to do.

Google Calendar has been a good help. The one thing it lacked was a decent way of handling a task list – those things that don’t have a defined date or time but need to be on the list.

I tried “Ta-Da List”, “Backpack” and any number of online and offline solutions. About a month ago I discovered “Remember The Milk.” This one appears to be working. Ok, it has some problems, some things I don’t like but in the whole it is well designed.

It supports multiple lists, three priority levels, tagging and both dated and undated events. You can also add notes to a task and share tasks among colleagues and friends. It has some smarts to the system so you can put something like “Saturday” in the due date and it will work out when the next Saturday is for you.

It integrates well with Google Calendar. If you add it as a calendar to be imported it adds in as a special calendar which creates an icon on every date. Click on the icon and you get a little box that includes everything due that day, overdue and (if you wish) undated tasks. You can accomplish almost anything you like from that little box. Mark a task complete, postpone it, edit it, add a new task. It only lacks some indication that a task has a note and the ability to add a new list.

The drawbacks. Well, I’d like a smarter entry box for adding a task. When editing a task you have toremember the keyb oard shortcuts for changing the priority, it’s missing from the fields you can edit. The Google calendar add in creates a diary entry for every day, even when nothing is due, which stuffs up your Agenda. All things considered I’d have to recommend it.

[update] Remember The Milk have now released a module that allows you to see and edit your lists from netvibes , my favourite web desktop.


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