Making Brothers Envious – A First Report on the Nintendo Wii

So at least part of my reason for such an early post about my brand new Wii is to make Graeme envious. He was trying to get a Wii the entire time I was in Boston over Xmas/New Year. So I get back to Sydney and find one the first day I tried. Score one for Aussie retailing.

Unpacking it is fun, the out of box experience is good and there are lots of little things to unwrap. Right out of the box you have everything you need and it all plugs together in easy and obvious ways.

First step after getting it powered up was connecting to my wireless network. That was easy, from the front menu (called the “Wii Menu” by Nintendo) I selected Wii Channels and it immediately asked a few questions and found the network, then it asked for the WEP key and we were away. Once the network was up the console immediately updated itself.

Then the games. OK, the “Wii Sports” games included with the console are fairly cheesy but I love the motion sensing wireless controller. I played both Tennis and Bowling for quite a while ad waving that thing around is fun. I also bought “Cars” as both Jessi and I like car games, steering by tilting the controller is way cool – it feels really natural after only a few seconds.

So I’m hooked. More info to follow after I’ve had some more time.


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