I’ve been checking out a new web app, stikkit. It first attracted me because Rael Dornfest, who wrote Blosxom (once my favourite blog software), was involved and I knew him to be a good programmer.

The concept is a free form database of items, each has a title and can be tagged. It also looks for address entries, events, to-do’s and bookmarks so that they can be grouped. It also uses Markdown syntax for such things as bold text and lists. It has a smart parsing engine to look after all this so that you can use plain text in the note rather than filling in fields.

It’s fairly new out of the block but every couple of weeks the feature set makes a big jump. Useful now and likely to improve, it may be the perfect tool for those, like me, who don’t like the highly structured GTD method but want/need some ability to organize.


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