Wins and losses

So I’ve been labouring away on printing issues at the Conservatorium. First I spent some time checking out all the different printers and gathering a complete list. FileMaker Pro was the tool of choice to hold the database and getting that working was just too easy.

Second, I got a list of toner cartridges and discovered they can all be sourced from the one supplier so now the database holds their order code as well as the manufacturers code.

Next up was to organize electronic meter reading for the three multi-function Kyocera’s. They need reverse DNS working to be able to send emails so I got names organized for them. We had already decided on room number, followed by hyphen and the printer model for Zero Config names so I decided to add the building code to the front of that for the domain name. This added up to 16 characters, long but not prohibitive one would have thought. Guess how long the field on the Kyocera printer is for its domain name? 10 points to any of you that guessed 15 characters.

In this day and age of 32 bit memory addresses and cheap hardware what is the point of such a stupid limit. 31 or 32 characters might be forgivable but 15 is insulting.

Reminds me that I will have to get the Zero Config names set for the other twenty odd printers. I might also get that task added to the install checklist.


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