Bose In-Ear Headphones

A pair of Bose’s new In-Ear Headphones have fallen into my evil clutches.

They work well with my iPod and the three different size of ear fittings mean I can have a different sized one for each ear. Once I had the right size for each ear putting them in was easy and they sit comfortably without the constant feeling they are about to fall out I usually get with ear buds. The three sizes of ear fitting are colour coded and easily taken on and off.

The sound is good – not as good as a pair of Sennheseir folding headphones that cost half as much but they are certainly better than any other ear buds I have tried. The bass response is quite good, though they do require a fair volume to get a clear mid range and treble if the music is bass heavy, such as Led Zeppelin. Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter comes through superbly, even on quite low volumes.

Now for the nitpicking. I would have liked an extra six inches of cord and the cord itself is a little inflexible so it tends to get in the way rather than flop. The case is not the best piece of engineeering, particularly as the stiff cord holds the loops. (The best headphone case I’ve ever known is the one for Sennhesier’s folding ‘phones).

All in all they are worth the money if you want ear buds rather than headphones