Google in Information Week

I’m a big Google fan. I love GMail and Writely, they are also my favourite search engine. I couldn’t survivie without Google Browser Sync. OK, I don’t use their home page or their RSSreader; I like the multiple tabs in netvibes for a home page and prefer the interface of bloglines for RSS reading, it segments the news by feed – something I can’t manage to do with Google Reader. I also use Flickr instead of Picasa but heck, Flickr gave me a free Pro account.

Rambling aside, I love Google. A big corporation that may well end up going toe to toe with the demon from Redmond., gotta love ’em. As a result I avidly Google watch and appreciated the recent series of articles in Information Week, the lead one is here. An excellent read if you have an hour or two to spare on finding out a little more about our friendly search engine.


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