Westhost – my hosting company

I’ve been with my new web host for a short while and to say that I am happy would be an understatement. The server seems fast, has all the software I might require (and since it’s a private virtual host I can install anything I *really* need). The company, Westhost, seems to respond to any enquiry I make with a fair amount of speed. The stuff included with the package that is easily installed includes WordPress and Ruby on Rails, both winners in my book.

They also seem to offer some fairly extraordinary deals from time to time. They’ve just started offering a “Summer Special” with a huge amount of space and bandwidth with unlimited domains and subdomains for $16.95 a montbh if you pay a year in advance down to $14.95 a month for 3 years.

That seemed a good enough deal that I took it, if only so that I can host as many of the familily’s websites as they might wish and so that I can easily play with a few domains myself. I heartily recommend the company and love their pricing so if you’re looking for a host then click on the “Westhost” link at the botom of the page or the advertisement in the left column.


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