Google Browser Sync and Spreadsheets

A mate pointed me to Google Browser Sync, a great new Firefox extension that synchronises your bookmarks, history and cookies across computers – even across operating systems.

They have also introduced their own online Google Spreadsheet. It is similar to other online spreadsheets but does add multiple sheets, which I haven’t seen before.

As Google add more and more services, improving each existing one incremently on a fairly constant basis, the whole package becomes increasingly attractive. Having the one user name and account is incredibly useful, ofen being able to move from one service to another without logging in again – it makes it all that much more like my desktop.

Google Browser Sync is just starting to make it easier. If they add such stuff as Firefox extensions and extension options to the list of the things they sync then it could get to the point where adding the one extension automatically sets a new computer up with a complete browser driven desktop. Now that’s something worth thinking about.


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