Installing OS X Server

I spent Friday on an install of OS X Server 10.4 for a small group at the University. They had been using the normal version of 10.3 to serve files out to five clients – one at a remote campus – on an old and slow PowerMac G4. The main problem they had was getting file permissions right and I advised spending the money on the ten client version of Server.

Essential Mac OS X Panther Server AdministrationGetting the thing installed and working was just too easy. I backed up all their data onto my portable HD and one of the client computers and did the standard Server install. I added one group and the half dozen staff and the job was done. It actually took more effort to test the system effectively than installing it. It was quite amusing to fire up the management system and see the long list of services that could be available and see only AFP filesharing turned on. The slow G4 does a marvelous job – even under a fair load it works fine.

So a big endorsement from me for Server.


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