Fixing Email

Recently I’ve had a rash of users with email problems. So here for all the users out there here are some fairly obvious tips for avoiding problems with your email software.

  1. Always have less than a thousand emails in your inbox. Eleven thousand is way too many.
  2. Don’t have a 68 Mb collection of mail – delete them or find a way of archiving them.
  3. There is no need to keep unread emails for more than two years. Certainly delete them after three.
  4. Filing is all well and good but do you really need 250 mail folders?
  5. Organized is good. A tree of mail folders over twenty layers deep may be a little too organized.

It has reminded me of one rule for my development days – no matter how much you test a user will test further. Do you think the Eudora programmers try each version with an Inbox of more than 11,00 emails? Do you think that the guys who decided Apple Mail should have one monolithic mail file expected someone to keep over thirty thousand emails, including more than 5,000 unread emails more than a year old?

Then here’s a few tips for fixing Eudora problems – first some tips if it’s running but is broken or slow.

  1. Clean out your mail (see above)
  2. Read all your mail then exit Eudora and delete all .toc files in Eudora Folder/Mail
  3. Compress all mailboxes

Now if it doesn’t start at all there is only one way to go. Follow the steps below. You can do the same thing if the steps above don’t fix a problem with a working Eudora.

  1. Move your Eudora Folder to the desktop and copy it.
  2. Run Eudora and replace all your account settings, exit.
  3. Drop your “Mail” folder from the old Eudora Folder into your new one.
  4. Cross your fingers and run Eudora.
  5. If that didn’t work then remove all .toc files and try again.
  6. Once you have it running then add back the various bits one by one – you’ll probably find the one that’s broken.

That will fix most problems. I’ve had it fix the wierdest problems – I once had a Eudora install that refused to use the signature file. Replacing the signature file didn’t work, but replacing the preferences did. A number of problems can be fixed by removing the “ini” file. It’s easier to rebuild the whole thing than futz around trying to figure out exactly which bit of your Eudora folder is broken.


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