More Life On The Move

Just a couple more tricks I didn’t cover in my first life on the move post.

The drawback of most of the little Greasemonkey hacks is that settings are stored locally on the computer. This means that for something like the “Gmail: Random Signatures” you can’t get the signatures on a machine easily. I get around this by saving the signatures in a Writely document and copying them from there when setting myself up on a new computer.

I’ve also (finally) found a half decent online calendar. Planzo doesn’t have the world’s best interface but it does give you RSS feeds for your reader or Google home page that give you the event title, time and date. I tried a half dozen better looking and better reviewed systems but none offered a good feed. Planzo feeds seem broken half the time but at least their trying. Biggest drawback is that half the time the RSS feed is broken.

I’ve found a neat GreaseMonkey script “Color My Backpack” that allows you to colour items on Backpack pages. Makes them more noticeable. I’d love to hack it so that it colours the background rather than the text but it may be beyond me.

If you are using Writely then you can place a little bookmarklet in your bookmark bar to quickly add a note to a Writely document. Go to Writely Quick Note Bookmarklet to create yours. You do have to be logged in to Writely and it shifts you to a white page but handy nonetheless.

Finally, if you want a good personal portal then I’ve found a neat one. Try out NetVibes who have one with a bunch of neat features including the ability to close up an info pane. Good AJAX stuff happening here.


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