Microsoft drops Media Player

It seems that the Evil Empire, sometimes called Microsoft, have dropped support for Windows Media Player on the Mac. They hadn’t updated it since 2003 so withdrawing support is not really much of a change. The good news is that they are recommending a neat little package from flip4mac that allows you to play WMV files inside QuickTime Player, where it actually seems to work a lot better than Media Player.

This begs the question of where MS support for our favourite computer is headed. Office in particular remains important for selling the Mac into companies. God knows why, most people just use Word and you can get better word processing software that reads and writes Word format – in fact my copy of Nisus seems to read more versions of the Word format than Word. With Apple already shipping iWork with software for presentations and word processing (that opens and saves in Word format easily) that only leaves a spreadsheet before Office is replaced. It makes me wonder if Microsoft is getting ready to walk away from the Mac – though I did hear that the MS Macintosh Business Unit is quite profitable so I supect they are just dropping the free bits and keeping the paying stuff. They have apparently promised Apple and declared to one and all that they will keep Office on the Mac for at least the next ten years. Many pundits are asking what concession they got from Apple to do so.


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