Turn A Tunecast Terrific

With the new iPod I bought a Tunecast II. My first few attempts to use it were pretty much a failure. I couldn’t find a clear enough space in the FM frequency and was constantly getting a great deal of static.

Before I threw it away I remembered seeing somewhere a mention of hacking the Tunecast so I did the usual Google search and found a number of people discussing mods to the aerial that were meant to improve the Tunecast. I’m not terribly good with hardware but I thought it was worth a try.

I opened it up and discovered there was indeed a blue wire soldered to a spot marked “ANT” that disappeared into the cable that connects the Tunecast to the iPod, just as described. Rather than using a soldering iron I cut the wire just before it disappeared inside the cable, stripped and twisted it for about half an inch and did the same with one end of a metre of thin wire. The two twisted together and sealed with a short wrap of electrical tape made a new long antenna. I then threaded it out through the hole that the iPod connector goes into.

The end result is a massive improvement. The Tunecast now has no problems as I drive around Sydney. A highly recommended hack.


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