An iPod and iTunes loves Fetch Art

Well my iPod died and I had to save up for a new one. I got a very good deal through a friend so it wasn’t too much of a shock, he had an old iPod with a dead screen so we put his hard disk in my iPod, sold it and I got the proceeds. Technically I bought the dead screen one at an asset sale for $10 so no one can complain. I also have an iPod with a dead screen and drive that needs a new use. I wonder if I could turn it into an external battery case?

The new one has the colour screen and shows cover art of the currently playing song. I’d never bothered with cover art before but I thought I’d update my 2,900 songs with as many covers as I could.

I found a marvelous little utility called Fetch Art that uses an AppleScript to grab the currently selected songs and then checks Amazon for the covers. It then places them in this nice little utility that allows you to check them before sending them to iTunes. Works a treat, a quick count of a random sample gets me a figure of about 80% of my songs with covers.

Now you’ve got a whole bunch of covers attached to your songs what else can you do with them? Why not run Coverflow and browse your music collection by flicking through the covers, just as we used to do with those funny vinyl things. Way cool app. How about piling the covers up on your desktop and clicking on one to play the album. That’s the way that Clutter does it. It also displays the cover from the currently playing song in a window if you want.


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