Mighty Mouse – the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Once again I’ve decided to wait a short while and draw a few deep breaths before commenting on the latest “bombshell” from Apple.

Apple will now sell you a multi-button mouse. Apparently this is another sign that the sky is falling, Steve has gone off the deep end and Apple are down the gurgler any second. My reaction, big woop.

I’m not going to knock the mouse, it’s a great mouse. When they ship a Bluetooth version I’ll probably be first in line to buy one, particularly if I can get XP drivers for it.

I’m just not impressed as to the gravity of this news. First, our Steve said that Apple would never ship a Mac with a two-button mouse, and they still don’t. The Mighty Mouse is an extra purchase, in the box you still get the one button mouse. Second, Apple have been shipping Macs that will use a multi-button mouse for years. OS X has long supported my two button mouse and scroll wheel without touching a single preference – just plug the sucker in.

So why did Apple do it. I can think of a few reasons. One, why should they sell someone else’s multi-button mouse in your local Apple Store? Two, Apple can design a really nice mouse. Three, people can now order the whole package from Apple making it easier to get that mouse past the purchasing department. Finally, it means that you can tick off another box in the requirements sheet when comparing Dell (or any of it’s competitors) and Apple when the powers that be try and force through the decision to switch to Windows XP or, even worse, stay with XP.

So what it comes down to is Apple making a smart marketing decision that has nothing to do with and predictions of doom , no real U-turn in policy and no real impact on 99 out of a 100 Mac users or buyers. So, Mighty Mouse, big woop.


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