Adding A Draft Post Facility To Online Blog Editing

I’ve been using Blosxom XML-RPC, otherwise known as BXR, for online editing of my blog for a while. The latest version is marvelous with the ability to add categories and upload media. The one thing it lacked was a draft facility. Fortunately this is Blosxom so a little bit of plugin magic makes anything possible.

It was trivial, really. I just added a category ‘Draft’ and then used the ‘exclude’ plugin so that it can’t be seen by adding a little textfile called .exclude that contains the line ‘Draft/’ at the parent level of ‘Draft’. That allows me to save posts I’m working on in the new drafts category and then change the category when I’m ready to publish them to the site. BXR even deletes the post from the Draft category when you change the category – neat!


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