So Tiger reaches 10.4.2

Tiger has reached 10.4.2 and my computer has now settled down nicely. At almost the same time my Uni got Norton Anti virus 10 and the latest Cisco VPN client (this one fixes a kernel panic every time you opened a file server).

I also rebuilt the entire OS from a clean install and got rid of some lingering bits of old tools such as Timbuktu. Then made some choices as to what would be installed. I’m trying to keep it to the abolute minimum. So far that means all the Apple apps in iLife and Pages and Keynote. Office 2004 went on for Word and Entourage for work reasons. The Cisco VPN client and Citrix for work. VLC for watching various movie formats. QuickSilver for all the little tricks you can do with it. Nisus for my writing. iView Media to catalogue images. Graphic Converter for image twiddling. PhotoShop CS for more advanced image work. Boy, that’s a long list for the basics. Just demonstrates what a differing number of tasks this little Mac performs.

The final problem we’re having at Uni now is with the keyserver software we use to handle licensing of some software. There’s a work around but it does require the user to run a small app before running a keyserved application. The powers that be have still not blessed a general rollout but it’s a little like the finger in the dyke.


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