Wiki on a page

I realised that there was one piece of software I’ve been using that hadn’t rated a mention here.

GTD TiddlyWiki is an adaptation of TiddlyWiki. By now we all know what a Wiki is, with the idea of easily linking from page to page and easy editing. TiddlyWiki has a couple of innovations, first, by using some exceptionally neat JavaScript the entire Wiki lives on a single page so you don’t need a server and it can be carried around on a USB thumb. The second is that instead of separate pages each entry, or ‘tiddler’, appears on the page.

GTDTiddlyWiki has two major changes to the original. One is to add a number of pre-created tiddlers for ‘Getting Things Done’ and the second is adding the ability to print to 3 by 5 index cards.

I now have one copy that gets carried around on a thumb and one on each of my computers that is used to just jot a quick note. Highly recommended.


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