Tiger Troubles Abating

With Apple about to roll out 10.4.2 and other software vendors shipping upgrades the number of problems with Tiger is diminishing fast.

We discovered a fix for the Cisco VPN client. It seems Cisco’s installer made a brain dead mistake so we have a shell script that unpacks the right file from the install package. Now the only outstanding problems we have are with Norton Anti Virus, who have shipped a new version but we’re unsure if we have a license that covers the new version, Dreamweaver and the HotSync Manager in Palm Desktop. I’m doing some testing on DreamWeaver as we are not exactly sure of the problems.

We did discover a problem with the keyserver software we use for some licenses but there was a workaround. The software has now been upgraded and that is testing out OK.

So there are now computers across the Uni running Tiger. Still not happy enough with it to upgrade any Panther users, it’s only the new machines with Tiger pre-installed, but they are acting as good test cases for the rest.

One of the things I want to do this week is do a file be file comparison of of a clean 10.4.0 install and one on top of an old 10.3.9 – I want to be prepared when we start doing upgrades en-masse.


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