Bought a Windows laptop

OK, I’m weak. I have finally relented and gone across to the dark side – I bought a Sony Vaio laptop.

I wanted something as small and light as possible with a decent battery life. At the moment that means an Intel based sub-notebook. This thing is 3/4 the size and a little more than half the weight of Apple’s lightest offering and has a battery life of over six hours.

The one drawback is the operating system. Windows XP. There may be people out there that can use this OS regularly but they must have much more practice than me. I installed Vim and Cygwin to improve things but there are still a number of things that annoy me. How do you organise the Start menu – my Programs list is already way too long and I’ve barely started installing the software I want.

I just got a shipment of four books on Windows XP so give me a week or two and I’ll see how I feel. I know it’s silly but one of the reasons I got this thing is so I could learn to use and support this OS; I’m hoping it increases my chances of gaining a permanent job at the Uni.


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