Tagging in Blosxom

I now have my new Blosxom plugin installed. You’ll notice that some of the posts now have a new line that lists tags. This allows you to click to Technorati, flickr, and del.ico.us and find related web posts, photos and URLs for each of my posts using the tags I define.

This was prompted by Technorati supporting tags now so that I can easily tag myself for their interest and search on tags. Of course the tags are defined from the bottom up like all good folksonomies. If I found another site or two that supported this style of tagging with search then I might add them to the list.

I’ve got a feeling that if someone could find a way of slowing the tag explosion that seems inevitable with user defined tags then this could be an incredibly useful and powerful way of indexing information.

Blosxom’s plugin architecture made writing the plugin trivial. I first tried using the ‘macros’ plugin but that thing is way too complicated. I don’t want to diss another hacker but it tries to do too much in the one piece of software. It has mode flags! If anything signals a piece of software trying too hard it’s mode flags. If I have a moment I’ll make the plugin a little more configurable and release it to the community.


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