I really appreciate the Mac and Blosxom

So two entire web sites go down the gurgler in short order when my web host goes south.

Rats! Fortunately I have the tools to straighten out at least part of the mess. Blosxom is almost trivial to install so once I had a new web host it went up in short order. The ‘entriescache’ plugin supports a meta tag with a post date so I’ve quickly started getting the reviews over in Tony’s Book Spot sorted with proper post dates.

I’ve been doing the editing to insert the tag on the Mac and using Transmit to dump them onto the site. When you have to do something like this at speed you really start to appreciate the Mac. I quickly put a copy of the site up on my Powerbook (OS X, of course, has Apache just sitting there waiting) to test the Blosxom install and all the plugins I required. A long list of Blosxom plugins went on and BXR was also a quick and easy install to allow editing via XMLRPC.

Since I was working on the site I also took the opportunity to get another plugin or two working and write a new one of my own. Getting that working took a bit of testing, again on the Powerbook.

You gotta love this operating system. Oh, and a CD arrived from Apple. If you like OS X now, just wait a short while and Tiger is going to be even better.


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