Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group

by Kunkel and English

If there is one thing that is almost universally acknowledged about Apple it is that they know how to make a product look good. Apple is probably the only computer company that deserves a picture book for its design work and here it is. Mac lovers will appreciate this beautiful coffee table book.

It contains hundreds of illustrations (colour, black and white and sketches) of the companies products from the Apple
I (I’ve been close enough to touch one – on display in the lobby of Apple Computer Australia with a card that read “Our Founder”) to Quadra and the Newton. They contain ideas that never got to market and early design concepts for products that did.

At the same time the text expounds on the design choices of the people that made Apple the distinctive design edge that
makes them more than computers.

A marvellous book.

Buy This Book Now

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